At the moment we are planning to open the school as scheduled after a long holiday. But of course it is a crazy time with this virus story, please take care of yourself. If you are coming from abroad, please contact the embassy of your country in France. They have the most updated information. and please make sure about conditions regarding entry into France due to the effects of coronavirus. 

In France, it is mandatory to wear a mask in public places (on trains, supermarkets, schools, etc. where 5 or more people gather).

At our school, as a safety measure, we are considering the appropriate number of students in each class and how to change the timetable to accommodate this. There may be further changes as time goes on depending on the situation. We will keep you updated with any changes by email. Please do reply to these emails as soon as possible. We appreciate your cooperation.

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Michiko Gaulier

Administrator/ Co. Directer