A deposit is required to reserve your place.

When you send the application form via this website for the course(s) you want to do, you will automatically receive an email explaining which deposit you need to pay and how to pay it. The deposits are also written on the price list and the amount depends on which course you choose.

Please pay the total amount of the deposit and send us proof of payment. The deposit is included in the price of school fees.

When we receive both your application form and proof of payment of the deposit,  you will receive a letter of acceptance and this means you are registered. 

  1. A FRENCH CHEQUE in euros that must be valid in FRANCE. Please send it to us with the application form together by post. 
  2. BY BANK TRANSFER. In this case please send us a COPY of THE BANK DRAFT which says how much you have paid, along with the application form.
Bank details will be sent to you in an email when you apply through our application form page.

Please make sure your name is clearly marked with the payment record. If you cannot prove that the payment is for that of your registered name, we cannot accept it as your payment.

Recently there have been many problems with payments through private money transfer companies – it may cost less but often the name does not appear with the transfer and so we cannot recognise your payment. Some companies use another company to do the transfer and this is where the trouble starts. 

*We cannot accept payment by paypal, western union or credit card.


We must be informed of any cancellation 14 days before that course starts, in that case the deposit will be refunded in full. After this point the deposit is non-refundable. In the case of a bank transfer, we will need to withhold 18 EUR for bank transfer charges.

Who is responsible for any fees charged by financial institutions during the transfer of funds? Fees incurred by any financial institution in the transfer of any and all funds to Ecole Philippe Gaulier and from Ecole Philippe Gaulier is the responsibility of the student.