YEAR COURSE - Winter term / Jan-March

The Winter Course is made up of three different subjects which follow the stream of Philippe Gaulier’s pedagogy. This course is the beginig of creating. At the end of each workshop, students will present the piece they created.

Feydeau-Vaudeville is a classic French comedy and it helps you discover how you could be light.
“Panache!” Vaudeville actors are very light and elegant. Both men and women are captivated by their charm.

Bouffons  Entering the world of Bouffon you need to have a special spirit. The Bouffon is an out cast. They have the eyes of outsider. Look at GOYA’s ‘black paintings’.You will see fantastic humanity in hell.

Shakespeare and Chekhov Such a fun challenge to work for a great writers’ beautiful text . These masters show us the beautiful rhythm of play.

Classes will be hold everyday Monday to Friday

Movement class: 90 minutes + Improvisation class: 120 minutes

Students may choose to do one course, a number of courses or to do the whole year – it is up to the student to decide.

You can take any combination of courses, it is not necessary to do a full term or a full year.

The discount price was set up for students doing a full term or seasonal courses.

This class has a capacity of 35 people. Classes may be canceled if the number of applicants is less than the specified minimum (20 people).

The discounted price is exclusively available to students enrolled in a full Winter course.

Philippe turned 80 years old this year, and he will no longer teach regularly. He will instruct when his health allows, so we appreciate your understanding. The remaining classes will be led by his assistants, who have collaborated for many years. All our teachers have inherited Philippe Gaulier’s teachings and are active artists internationally

“Vaudeville”, a play by Feydeau. To laugh! No problems!
Everything there is rich, luxurious, and sumptuous. That the actor, on stage, may not be concerned with the problems of society. That he makes us laugh! That he invents many and peculiar loves. That he forgets his keys in his pants at the house of his ex-mistress! And that it rebounds and rebounds all the way to the conjugal bedroom. Vaudeville is beautiful: therein are astounding intrigues that take us directly to the conjugal bedroom. Vaudeville?

The Bouffon is a crippled out cast, a lame person,  a legless or one-armed cripple,  a dwarf,  a midget,  a whore, a homosexual,  a witch,  a heretical priest,  a madman.  He has not been chosen by the gods.  He has been chased into the swamps and ghettos by the children of god in fact,  who have seized the opportunity to announce that in view of the bouffon’s physical and moral ugliness,  the father could not be a great artist of international fame. So his father was the opposite of God,  his father was the devil Lucifer. The Bouffon was elected son of the devil and he was happy about this.  He was happy to be the son of the first Tempter and of the first women seduced: Eve.

In the Bouffon workshop we learn to be a big person who enjoys being Small, with a special additional pleasure enjoyed by those people: blasphemy.

The time has come for the student to give to Shakespeare and Chekhov his pleasure in playing,  in playing not the character but with his partner (Complicity,  pleasure, jokes) .

It is time to give to Shakespeare and Chekhov one’s great humanity, one’s charm, one’s colourful language, one’s life, one’s blood, and to imagine these men saying :

 ‘‘You have,  Mr. Actor,  given the most beautiful things in your life to my theatre,  just as I gave the most beautiful things in mine to the music of my words. Thank you.”

A good actor collaborates with his friends the authors,  a bad one imagines he is the servant of these eminent men.