The school encompasses a two year programme. Our school is for professionals or those aspiring to become professional actors

First Year Programme

First year is made up of 3 terms with 8 different subjects which follow the stream of Philippe Gaulier’s pedagogy.
One may apply for as many courses as one wishes or for one single course.

Courses in:
First Term
Le Jeu / Neutral Mask and Greek Tragedy

Second Term
Masked Play & Moliere /Melodrama/Bouffons

Third Term
Characters / Shakespeare & Chekhov/ Clowns

Second Year Programme

Second year is made up of 3 terms with 3 different subjects. These are in-depth courses. Each workshop lasts 9 weeks. At the end of each workshop is a show on that subject. The show is held the last 5 days of each course and is open to the public.

Courses in:
First Term / Clowns
Second Term / Vaudeville and Play
Third Term / Bouffons

Summer Courses

Summer courses happen during the holidays of ​the school. It’s made especially for people who don’t have enough time to follow the year long program.   “Theatre is serious game as children play ” as Philippe Gaulier says. ” Le Jeu ” means ” Game” and it is a very important basic lesson that we always need to go back to.

Summer course JULY
29/06/2020-10/07/2020 “Le Jeu & Clown”
Workshop for Chinese speakers AUG
17/08/2020-28/08/2020 “Le Jeu & Chekhov”
Summer Course OCT
28/10/2020-09/10/2020 “Le Jeu”

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