The school encompasses a two year programme. Our school is for professionals or those aspiring to become professional actors

First Year Programme

First year is made up of 3 terms with 8 different subjects which follow the stream of Philippe Gaulier’s pedagogy.
One may apply for as many courses as one wishes or for one single course.

Courses in:
First Term
Le Jeu / Neutral Mask and Greek Tragedy

Second Term
Masked Play & Moliere /Melodrama/Bouffons

Third Term
Characters / Shakespeare & Chekhov/ Clowns

Second Year Programme

Second year is made up of 3 terms with 3 different subjects. These are in-depth courses. Each workshop lasts 9 weeks. At the end of each workshop is a show on that subject. The show is held the last 5 days of each course and is open to the public.

Courses in:


Second Term
 “Vaudeville and Play

Third Term

Summer Courses

Summer courses happen during the holidays of the school. It’s made especially for people who don’t have enough time to follow the year long program.   “Theatre is serious game as children play ” as Philippe Gaulier says. ” Le Jeu ” means ” Game” and it is a very important basic lesson that we always need to go back to.

Summer course JULY
 “Le Jeu & Clown”

Summer course AUG

Workshop for Chinese speakers AUG
“Le Jeu & Chekhov”

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