Summer Course/ Intensive Master Cours

Movement class 120 min   &  Improvisation class: 120 min

These courses are for visitors, anyone welcome except boring people.

How do you know whether you are boring or not? Ask your family, ”Daddy, mammy, brother or sister, am I boring?” If they answer, ”No, but you could be a bit more funny” its means you are really boring. Then don’t come, stay in your boring way.

Theatre is serious game as children play. ”Le Jeu” means ”Game”. It is a very important basic lesson of Philippe Gaulier’s teaching. No game, No theatre.

These short courses are especially made for people who don’t have enough time to be in the year long programme. Students who are in the year long programme cannot apply to this course.They are open to anyone who wants to work in theatre professionally. People who are 19 years or older.

There are no auditions or interviews. First come, first served.

This class has a capacity of 35 people. Classes may be canceled if the number of applicants is less than the specified minimum (20 people).

The discounted price is exclusively available to students enrolled in a full summer course.

Philippe turned 80 years old this year, and he will no longer teach regularly. He will instruct when his health allows, so we appreciate your understanding. The remaining classes will be led by his assistants, who have collaborated for many years. All our teachers have inherited Philippe Gaulier’s teachings and are active artists internationally

 ‘‘Jeu’’ (Game & Play). It is the source of everything; of the pleasure and desire to be an actor. Playing in the theatre is the same as playing at running, jumping, fighting as people and animals do: playing cowboys, Indians, soldiers, doctors and with dolls. In the workshop on ‘‘Le JEU’’, we learn the meaning of all the basic teaching terms that will be referred to throughout the year: complicity, fixed point, playing in major and minor keys and their reciprocal pleasures ; we learn to say that we are actors and that it’s scary but that being scared is part and parcel of being an actor, part and parcel of the pleasure.

The Bouffon is a crippled out cast, a lame person,  a legless or one-armed cripple,  a dwarf,  a midget,  a whore, a homosexual,  a witch,  a heretical priest,  a madman.  He has not been chosen by the gods.  He has been chased into the swamps and ghettos by the children of god in fact,  who have seized the opportunity to announce that in view of the bouffon’s physical and moral ugliness,  the father could not be a great artist of international fame. So his father was the opposite of God,  his father was the devil Lucifer. The Bouffon was elected son of the devil and he was happy about this.  He was happy to be the son of the first Tempter and of the first women seduced: Eve.

In the Bouffon workshop we learn to be a big person who enjoys being Small, with a special additional pleasure enjoyed by those people: blasphemy.

 It is funny that playing with Mr. Flop happens after many many other flops that weren’t at all deliberate, that weren’t playmates. Then, Mr. Flop says to the clown: salvage what you can. So the clown lets the audience see the great delight of a child who wants to stay on the stage, and who lets out a very special yell. We carry on loving him. He has saved the show. Clown is coming from kingdom of bad students. Everything goes wrong with them, catastrophe ! But they have a dream as a great artist . We will discover poetly of ideot in this workshop.

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