Our school has been open, with strict COVID measures in place, since OCT 2020. This is thanks to the great cooperation and efforts of all the students. The situation is still unpredictable, but we would appreciate your cooperation so that we can all  have a wonderful time for your discovery in theatre.   

The timetable and schedule may change depending on the situation. I strongly suggest that you contact your country’s embassy in France so that you can update the latest information. At the beginning of the course students cannot enter the school without submitting covid test results – even if you have been vaccinated.

At the entrance of the school there is disinfecting alcohol and a temperature check. It is compulsory to wear masks inside the school at all times. At the school, it is necessary to change from outdoor shoes to shoes for indoor use only . Disinfect everything you bring into the workshop studio. A disinfection station is installed for that purpose. Anything coming from outside must be placed inside a bag which is provided by the school. A plastic mask shield is provided for acting on stage and / or for the movement class. An air purifier is installed in the school. The staff regularly disinfect with alcohol and open the windows to change the air. 

During theatre classes we often try something unusual. The challenge is based on mutual trust. These rules are set for the safe life of all school participants, staff and teachers. There is no doubt that if we all respect and cooperate with these rules, we can enjoy a safe and comfortable school life.

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Michiko Gaulier

Administrator/ Co. Directer